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Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling is the process of meeting one on one with a counselor in a safe and non-judgmental space.  This allows you to talk openly to a trained therapist who will provide compassion, support, skill training, and accountability.  While talking to a therapist may seem awkward or intimidating at first, most people find the experience to be helpful for processing their thoughts and feelings.  Some of the topics that can be addressed in individual counseling include:

ADHD/ADD-Anger Management-Anxiety-Depression-Divorce-Eating Disorders-Family Stresses-Grief and Loss-Life Transitions-OCD-Parenting Issues-Self Esteem-Sexual Abuse-Substance Abuse-Trauma

Child, Adolescent, and Family Counseling:

The therapists at Four Peaks Counseling Services are trained to work with children who are 5 years old and older.  When working with children in counseling, play therapy techniques are often used, as play is the child’s primary vocabulary.  Adolescents will often use more traditional talk therapy techniques during session, but additional techniques may be incorporated to allow for the adolescent to feel more comfortable to open up and trust their therapist. 

When appropriate, and with the proper consents, the therapists will collaborate with parents, other family members, schools, and/or other important individuals in the client’s life to help facilitate a more comprehensive treatment support network for the client.  Family therapy can include all members of the family, or just those willing to participate.  Improving communication and resolving conflict are often some of the main goals of family therapy.  Some of the topics that can be addressed in child, adolescent, and family counseling include:

Academic Issues-ADHD/ADD-Adjustments to Change-Adoption Issues-Anger Management-Anxiety and Stress-Behavioral Problems-Depression-Divorce-Eating Disorders-Family Communication Issues-Family Stress-Gender and Sexuality-Grief and Loss-OCD-Self Esteem-Sexual Abuse-Social/Peer Issues-Substance Abuse-Teen Dating Violence-Trauma

Couples counseling:

Couples counseling is for couples (dating, engaged, married or partnered) wanting to improve the current status and future of their relationship.  Relationships take time and energy, which over time and with life stresses, many find that it can be hard to allocate the necessary time and energy to make the relationship a top priority.  Today can be the day that you commit to taking the necessary steps to improving your relationship.   

You may find that you are fighting more often than not.  Perhaps you no longer have the same romantic feelings towards your partner that you did have at the beginning of the relationship.  Or perhaps there has been a trauma, affair, or life changing event that has taken a toll on your relationship.  Our therapists can assist you with better communication skills and a better understanding of your partner.

Couples counseling is not just for when a couple is struggling.  Premarital counseling can be a positive investment in your relationship.  Couples use this time to openly discuss their future, and learn more about their partners in the safety of the counseling process.  Sometimes couples find that they just need to make their relationship a priority and come in for a little relationship “refresher.”  This, again, provides the couple with a safe space to reconnect to their partner while discussing their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and goals for their relationship. 

 Some of the topics that can be addressed in couples counseling include:

Adjustments to Change-Co Dependency-Communication Skills/Effective Listening-Conflict Resolution-Emotional Disconnection-Family Planning-Life Stresses-Premarital Counseling/Marriage Preparation-Parenting Differences-Rebuilding Trust-Sexual Issues

  Group Counseling:

Group counseling provides a unique therapeutic experience for its members.  The benefits of group therapy are many, but include having a shared experience with individuals who you may be able to relate to due to having experienced similar experiences, having hope instilled in you, imparting valuable information and feedback, and gaining a sense of belonging and acceptance.  Four Peaks Counseling Services offers a variety of groups based on the current needs of the clients, but can include SPARCS (Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress), Anger Management, Social Skills, Parenting Skill, Self Esteem Building, and others.  Please talk with your therapist or contact the office for more information about groups currently being offered.